Friday, April 24, 2015

My New Reading Project

I’ve started a new reading project, which I’m enthusiastic about.

Last year my reading project was immersing myself in Christopher Isherwood. I read his published diaries and six of his novels, including The Berlin Stories, A Single Man (my personal favorite), and Christopher and His Kind. I love his writing and I find the man fascinating.

Now I’m focusing on Joseph Campbell. Back in the ‘80s I read Hero With A Thousand Faces, which I plan to re-read in the next few months. I’ve started this project with A Fire in the Mind, Campbell’s biography written by Stephen and Robin Larsen. I also have Campbell’s six volume collection called Historical Atlas of World Mythology, which has been hailed as “One of the great works of our times” by the National Review.

Other books on my reading list this year are The Hero’s Journey, Creative Mythology, The Power of Myth, and The inner Reaches of Outer Space.

I’m expecting this project to take four to six months. I’ve wanted to do this for years, and now I will.

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