Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ireland Gives the Vatican the Middle Finger

Yesterday was an historic victory for the gay rights movement. Ireland gave the Vatican a huge FUCK YOU by voting with an overwhelming majority to legalize marriage equality.  It was the first time any country—let alone a Catholic/Christian dominated country—approved gay marriage by popular vote.

I’ve read that young voters turned out in droves, many voting for the first time. Also, out-of-country citizens flying home in time to vote booked all the airlines’ available seats. It was a huge emotional battle, and love won the day.

I am thrilled with this news, not merely for the advancement of gay rights in the world, but also for the strong statement that people, especially young people, made by standing on the side of justice, rather than religion. To me, this is one more important step in the long road of people thinking for themselves rather than letting some pious bigot push disparaging myths down their throat.

I like to envision a day when the all humans worships compassion for all living beings, rather than worshiping myths of a supreme being. Yesterday, the world took another step toward that day.

And yes, I consider myself a spiritual being, yet I don’t believe in any religion’s version of God.

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