Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cuba Here We Come

This has been an exciting weekend, and it’s only Saturday. Herman and I booked travel to Cuba, starting at the end of this year. That’s only five months away. This is a destination I’ve wanted to explore for several years now, and we are finally doing it. The best part is, we’ll be joined by two traveling companions that we previously trekked with in France, Argentina, and Peru. They like to travel 1st class, eat well, and party hard. It should be a fun, fun trip. It will also be Herman and my first time on a gay cruise ship. We have no idea what to expect with that.

Our itinerary at this point looks like:

12/29/15 Palm Springs to New York, where we will spend two nights and be at Time Square to usher in the New Year.

1/1/16 New York to Montego Bay where we will board a gay cruise ship bound for Cuba.

1/1/16 Set sail for Cuba and spend seven days visiting three ports, with the last stop a two-night stay in Havana.

1/8/16 Havana to Montego Bay to spend two nights in Kingston, Jamaica.

1/10/16 Kingston to Miami, where we will hang out for five days taking in the beach, the Cuban restaurants, and finally renting a car to explore the Florida Keys.

1/16/16 Miami to Palm Springs, home sweet home.

This is a short trip for us. We normally travel for months at a time, but this year we’ve decided to spend most of the winter at home, and made a two-month trip to Europe (Spain, Portugal, France) in the late Spring of 2016. Still, two weeks in the Caribbean should give us a taste of that part of the world, enough to know if we want to return for a longer stay.

I’m over the moon with excitement. 

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