Monday, November 2, 2015

A Friend Passed, A Friendship Lost

One of the first published authors I met after signing the publishing contract on my first novel was Roger Margason, who always went by Dorien Grey (his author pseudonym). He and I were the only gay writers at Zumaya Publishing back in 2008. He quickly became a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration. He introduced me to a community of gay writers and writers who wrote gay fiction. I found out yesterday that Roger passed while in hospital after complications during a routine procedure.

His health was suffering, but nonetheless his death was unexpected. Tragic. Deeply sad. The sudden end of a story too interesting to put down.

He was a man who wrote beautiful prose, who hated technology of any kind, and who loved people. I never once heard him utter a negative word about other people, although he often complained bitterly about himself.

I never had the opportunity to meet Roger in person; for years I didn’t even know his real name, and always called him Dorien. Our only interaction was online. He was a cordial, generous, and encouraging presence, and he will be deeply missed.

RIP, Roger, and thank you for your many gifts to all of us writers and readers.

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Nikki said...

I only knew him through Facebook, finding him online after discovering his wonderful novels featuring Dick Hardesty. A beautiful soul whose kindness, wit and observations will be missed. I loved having a window on his life -- and what a life it was.