Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hello Tel Aviv

After spending two days roaming around Tel Aviv, I’ve begun to form some impressions. Everyone I know who’s been here has raved about how wonderful it is, so my expectations were very high. Sadly, I’m somewhat disappointed. That’s mostly because my expectations were inflated.

The city seems a bit shabby, and because people don’t clean up after their dogs, a certain odor hangs in the air. It has a Southern California feel, meaning, it has a young vibe, and with lot’s of hipsters running around. Has lots of restaurants serving mediocre, yet expensive food; coffee shops galore, and an active gay night life. There is a thriving beach community, but it’s also a city where old and new architectures clash. In fact, it seems to be a place where old and new everything clashes.

This town has an abundance of: hot-looking young men; people of all ages zipping through traffic on electronic-assisted bicycles; groups of loud lesbians who have made being annoying an art form; and families clogging the sidewalks with baby carriages. Seriously, there is a baby boom going on here. I see dozens of baby carriages every few blocks. One stroll around any part of town tells the story about what the national pastime is in Israel.

Still, Herman and I are having a wonderful time. Today we walked south to Jafa, the Arab quarter, for a look around the old fort, mosques, and Christian temples. It had lovely views of the city, and we found a fantastic restaurant serving Arab food. Need to go back soon, just for another meal at that restaurant. We strolled along the beach coming back, and there were plenty of hotties to feast our eyes on. Makes me want to buy a beachfront property and spend my days watching the people strut by.

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