Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Presidential Race Issue

Day by day it becomes increasingly clear to me that there is really only one issue being put forth in this presidential election. This election is not about the economy, jobs, healthcare, immigration, or even same-sex marriage. This election is all about race.

Many people (if not all) who support Trump say they want change, but from my viewpoint, what they really want is a return to white supremacy. They say they want economic opportunity, but what they really want is for minorities to stop taking jobs away from whites. They feel threatened by minorities taken control of the government and changing laws that strengthen the lives of all, which they see as weakening the laws for straight whites.

The lion share of Trump’s supporters neatly fit into a category called “uneducated white people”. They are people easily swayed by a corrupt media, and really only care about this single issue, keeping whites in power.

Trump supporters see their standard of living going down, and jobs going overseas, and they blame the government, rather than the corporations (like Trump’s businesses) that send those jobs overseas to cheaper labor markets. So now they are supporting the very people who took those jobs away from them.

I feel sorry for these people who keep shooting themselves in the foot rather than educating themselves with the issues. Their real problem is globalization, the fact that they are now competing with seven billion other uneducated people for jobs capable of being performed without a college education. And that problem will not change no matter whom we vote into office. The solution to the problem is simple, people need to educate themselves and learn new marketable skills.

But, of course, it’s much easier to simply blame Obama or the Democrats for giving all the advantages to minorities.

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