Saturday, October 8, 2016

A New Addition To Our Family

Much as I was beginning to believe we would never get another pet, due to our regular travel schedule, the opportunity to adopt a two-year-old, Australian Labradoodle has recently fallen into our laps. This will, no doubt, put a dampener on our future travel plans, but we are covered for the two trips we already have planned in 2017.

His name is currently Trek, and I don’t think we’ll change it. We’ve spent a few hours with Trek to insure we’re well-suited, and we found him to be mellow and loving, just the kind of pet who can bring a wealth of love into our home. We are looking forward to that again. It’s been almost ten years since we put our last pet down, and we miss the love a pet fosters.

The breeder who is the current owner is a forty-minute drive from us, and we are planning to leave momentarily and pick him up. We are excited.

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