Saturday, November 12, 2016

Leaving Trek Alone

Herman and I have had our dog, Trek, for six weeks. Since adopting him, we’ve stayed home much more, eating out less, and enjoying him immeasurably. Yet, we still go out occasionally with friends for dinner, and must leave him at home alone while shopping or doctor visits.

When we’ve left him alone, he’s been great. He doesn’t chew anything, and he’s always happy to see us. And because we always come through the garage when coming home, he always knows when we get back before we even step out of the car because he hears the garage door opening.

But last night was different.

Last night, friends picked us up and drove us to a restaurant. We were gone about three hours, and when they dropped us off at home, we walked up to the front door, rather than the garage. That’s when we got a shock. Because the garage door didn’t open, Trek didn’t know we were home. As I reached up to put then key into the front door, I heard him crying, a low-pitched howl that was the saddest sound I’ve ever heard. Herman and I both leaned close to the door to hear better, and he was howling/crying continuously. We knew he’d been crying the whole time we were gone.

It was heartbreaking. This happy little guy who brings us so much joy was in agony because he hates to be alone. Herman and I feel so guilty for causing this pain.

We’ll be staying home even more now. And we need to find a solution to this problem—we’re thinking of either leaving him with a babysitter or getting a second dog—when we need to be away from the house and can’t take him with us.

We are grateful that we discovered this problem.

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