Thursday, February 9, 2017

On The Streets of Mumbai

This is our first trip to Mumbai in five previous trips to India. It's the most populated city in the country as well as the business capital. The standard of living seems higher overall but there is still poverty everywhere you turn.

Many people tell us they have no interest in visiting India because they're not sure they can handle the poverty. True, it's not like being on a riverboat cruise down the Rhone River in France but there's so much more to a place like India than poverty.

Kulfi (ice cream) salesman on the street.

 On a shopping street.

 Women working on repaving the streets.

 Sandwiches on the street.

 Buying grass to feed the cows on the street. A typical Hindu offering to the animals.

 Strawberries and grapes at the Crawford Market. 

 Sugar cane juice or roasted nuts on the street.

Victoria Station in Mumbai. The rail scenes in Slumdog Millionaire were filmed here. They handle four million passengers per day.

 Human shopping cart at the Crawford Market. He'll follow you around as you shop and fill his basket with your purchases.

 Souvenir salesgirl.

 Outside the Crawford Market.

 Dhobi Ghat, the famous Mumbai Laundromat. The 140 year old laundry facility with flogging stones and open air drying. Hospitals and some Hotels still send their laundry here. They handle several million garments per day.

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