Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Finished Manuscript #10

Yesterday I finished the last round of edits to my current manuscript. I would like to thank the people who beta read this manuscript while it was still in development—David O Sullivan, Sidney Miraz, Mark Kindrick, and Rob McCann. Your feedback was wonderfully helpful and most appreciated.
The working title is:
Everything You Ever Wanted
Surviving Immortality

It is my longest work yet, coming in at 169,000 words, 430 pages. It’s a Sci-Fi story of a man who discovers the fountain of youth, a formula that will make old people decades younger, and keep people youthful for several thousand years. But he tells the world he will not divulge his formula until every gun, tank, battleship and bomb has been destroyed. When the world is free of all weapons, then everyone will live forever. And then he goes into hiding.

Before he disappears, his gay son is exposed to the formula, and becomes immortal. The father takes his son into hiding with him, but then the son discovers his father has unleashed a sinister plot on the human population.

It’s a story that pits man’s greed against his lust for violence. It’s a tale of a world gone crazy, driven to the brink of total destruction, and the account of one young man who realizes the courage, the will, and the compassion to combat the insanity, both within himself and outwardly.

This is a story I’ve been contemplating for over six years, and been actively writing for the last two years. And thankfully, starting tomorrow, I can move on to the next adventure in the queue.

Today I will write a query letter, and send this manuscript off to my publisher, Bold Strokes Books. Assuming they agree to publish this novel, this will be my forth book published by BSB, and my tenth published novel.

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