Monday, July 17, 2017

Day Eighteen on the Camino – Churches

The Camino started as a religious pilgrimage over 1300 years ago so the path winds itself through the towns and will usually pass a church.
Less than half the people walking the Camino today do it for religious reasons. We certainly aren't but it doesn't hurt to take a peek inside.
 Burgos Cathedral. One of the few things worth seeing in Burgos.

 Churches usually open mid-morning, close for lunch (around 1pm), and re-open for services late in the afternoon.

Storks nesting on church bell tower.

 Priest giving blessings to pilgrims.

Main church in Fromista.

 Castrojeriz church early in the morning.

 If there's a Plaza, there's usually a church.

Every town and village has at least one church. Even if the town's population is 50 (not including pets or farm animals).

Some churches with significant works of art will charge pilgrims a fee to visit,but you can usually just sneak in during afternoon mass.

 Church bell towers are usually the tallest structures in town.

Unlike many other churches, the organs here are not necessarily over the main entry facing the altar.

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