Thursday, November 23, 2017

Holiday Present From My Publisher

I received the first round of edits from my publisher yesterday, and started the editing process today. The following is taken from the general comments by the publisher's chief editor:

The first and most important comment I can make is that this is a monumental achievement. It’s impressive what you’ve managed to create—and what you’ve pulled off. The story manages to be so many things at once: a sci fi story with an intriguing premise, an international political thriller, a family drama, and a portrait of vengeance and psychopathy that is quite chilling. Most of all, it’s a moving coming-of-age story, and Matt Reece finding his strength—and all that comes with it—is just so poignant. He is forged by fire. And beneath everything are those deep existential questions.
Given the complexity of so many aspects of this novel, like the science, the politics, the large cast of characters (many of whom have motives that are not readily discernible) and a very intricate plot, it manages to stay clear and concise. While I have a few suggestions to avoid confusion, they’re very minor. The story, while meandering, is not hard to follow. The prose itself is beautiful, and many of the descriptions are vivid and arresting.
A gorgeous book, and a memorable experience for the reader, all around. I’m glad I got to experience it, and I’m sure others will feel the same. This is a book that is going to stick with readers.

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