Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Resolutions and Goals

2018 Resolutions:
I do like to make New Year’s resolutions, if only to check throughout the year to gauge how many I follow through on.

1. This year my focus is on cutting out all hard alcohol. I’ll still indulge in a glass of wine or two while out to dinner or at a party, but I’ve come to the point—or rather the age—where I believe my health is better served by abstaining. Goodbye vodka martinis. Goodbye manhattans. Goodbye shots of tequila at my favorite Mexican food restaurant. It was fun while it lasted. Hello green tea.

2. When Herman and I travel, I always take my computer and spend a few hours writing each day. But this year will be different. When I’m on vacation, I will also take a break from writing. No work while traveling. Those trips will be devoted solely to Herman and I spending time together.

3. Over the past year, even when my friends and social media were violently ridiculing Trump and the GOP, I’ve done what I consider an admiral job of not dissing people personally, even people I abhor. I will continue to try my best to always speak/post positively about people, or say nothing at all. That also applies to gossiping about people I know.

2018 Goals:
1. Aggressively market my upcoming novel, Surviving Immortality.

2. Finish Beyond The Cage, my latest manuscript. I’ve recently completed the first draft.

3. Compete a first draft of a new manuscript.

4. Learn conversational Spanish. I’m still in the beginning phase. I want to move to intermediate, and be able to have conversations with Spanish speakers.

5. Play tennis with Herman at least twice per week, and take at least one long hike per week.

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