Friday, January 19, 2018

A Minor Surgery is a Big Pain in the Ass

Yesterday morning Herman and I drove into Riverside to the Kaiser Hospital and I had two warts removed from my anal canal.  It was one of the most degrading experiences of my life. They had me drop my pants and bend over a motorized chair. Then they tilted the chair so that I was head down with my ass in the air. They taped my asscheeks to the chair to keep them spread. It all felt like something out of an S&M porn movie. And while a nurse held a camera inside my anal canal, the doctor used surgical equipment to remove the warts. The procedure was both painful and uncomfortable, and took about twenty minutes. The whole time I felt what was left of my dignity slipping away.

The doctor told me there might be a little bleeding, and compared it with a minor nosebleed. Ha! Two hours later, after the local anesthesia had worn off, I felt like there was a giant dildo stuck inside me, and I was still bleeding. Every fifteen minutes I would go to the toilet and each time enough blood came out to turn the bowel dark red. That lasted until 8pm. Herman was demanding to take me back to the hospital, but the last thing I wanted was more doctors sticking their fingers and surgical equipment inside me. So I flatly refused.

Thankfully, by bedtime the pain had diminished and so had the bleeding.

Today I’m feeling no pain and there are only traces of blood in my stool. I hope I never have to experience that procedure again.

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Anonymous said...

such a poor baby top lol