Monday, January 29, 2018

Mom and Dad’s 70th Anniversary Party

Seeing the family together was as wonderful as always. It was a bittersweet party because Herman’s brother-in-law passed away the day before. But Herman’s parents were not told of Roy’s passing, so they had a wonderful time. Everyone was focused on making sure the party was a celebration of 70 years of love and family and togetherness.

It was a traditional Chinese banquet dinner at one of our favorite San Francisco dim sum restaurants, Koi Palace.  Nine tables for ninety guests.

Herman with my parents and siblings
Parents and the rest of the family
Herman and me with one of my nephews, his wife, and a soon to be addition to the family.
 Mom and Dad, with the group at our table.
Sucking pig w/foie-gras and fruit salad.
Fried shrimp & scallop mousse.
 Wild mushroom, black truffle braised longevity noodles.

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