Friday, February 9, 2018

Chinatown in Bangkok Preparing For Chinese New Year

Herman and I are traveling again, and our first stop is Bangkok, a city we know like the back of our hands. We visited Chinatown, which is preparing for the Chinese New Year celebrations. This upcoming year is the year of the dog.
If you were born during the year of the Dog, you are honest, loyal, and a true friend, although dogs are also opinionated and cautious. 2018 might be a bit of a tricky year for dogs. A Chinese tradition for people born in Dog years is to wear red underwear every day during their zodiac year.


Wat Traimit. Home of the world’s largest solid gold Buddha. Five and a half tons of gold.

Preparing for CNY.

Red Lanterns.

Next up. The Year of the Dog.

Masks. The back streets of Chinatown are lined with wholesalers selling everything from buttons and costume jewelry to Winnie the Pooh slippers.

 Lighting incense at a temple.

Broom salesman making his way down the street.

Chinatown shellfish.

 Blue crabs.

Chinese sausage and cured goose merchant.

Another version of cured goose.

There’s durian if you want it. Just don’t bring it back to your hotel.

A simple lunch of khao mon gai (chicken and rice).

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