Thursday, March 1, 2018

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Lots of building going on here. I hope there’s a plan for improving traffic flow. Much of the city is gridlocked most of the day. Nobody stays in their lane and drivers use the mutual understanding method of driving. It’s a modern city with a number of restaurants, but it’s hard to find a coffee shop.

View is the skyline from our room. There’s even a lotus tower.

Entry area to the Gangaramaya Temple.

Large Buddha at Gangaramaya Temple.

It’s one of the main Buddhist Temples in Colombo and also known as the cluttered temple.

Gifts are brought to the temple and laid out everywhere.

The massive bodhi tree where worshippers are always present.

Young newlyweds worshipping at the bodhi tree.

Ceremonies take place all over the complex. 

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