Sunday, May 27, 2018

Look what came in the mail today!

I’m very pleased to announce that my latest novel, Surviving Immortality, is available in paperback and any eBook format, at:
Dreamspinner Press Publications 

Even at the ripe age of 65 years old, this is one thing that never get old. There is something about holding three years of work in your hand that is so inspirational that it brings tears to your eyes. Many thanks to the talented staff at DSP Publications for making this wonderful story into a published novel. 

This is a story of discovering the fountain of youth, and the upheaval that breakthrough brings to our slightly crazed, slightly paranoid, overly greedy society.
When Kenji Hiroshige discovers a formula that will keep people youthful and healthy for several thousand years, he tells the world he will not divulge his formula until every gun, tank, battleship, and bomb has been destroyed. When the world is free of weapons, everyone can live forever. And then he goes into hiding.
Before he disappears, his stepson Matt is exposed to the formula. Kenji takes Matt on the run with him, but as they struggle to elude both government agencies and corporations who will do anything to profit from Kenji’s discovery, Matt learns that world peace might not be his stepfather’s only goal. There may be a darker purpose at work. But what can a young man who’s barely stepped foot off his isolated ranch do in the face of something so sinister?
This is the story of human greed and man’s lust for violence. It’s the story of a world on the brink of destruction, but it’s also a tale of a young man who finds in himself the will, courage, and compassion to stand against the darkness—both outside and within himself.
This is a story of hope.

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