Thursday, January 17, 2019

What I’m Currently Reading

I’m currently reading two books: Tolstoy’s Anna Karina, and Will Durant’s The Age of Louis XIVwhich is volume eight in the The Story of Civilization series.

I hope to finish Anna Karinabefore leaving for my South America trip in nine days. I have only 150 pages to go. It’s a multifaceted story with many intricate themes and interesting, complex characters. I’m enjoying it.

Darant’s history of Europe during the reign of Louis the 14thI’ve just started. I don’t expect to get too far before we leave, but I so love reading Durant’s work I couldn’t wait. I hope to read three Story of Civilizationvolumes this year.

It’s a rainy day, which we need. It’s a good day to read and prepare for the trip.

During my South American trip, I hope to complete two books: Logical Family by Armistead Maupin (which I need to read for my book club meeting in March) and Buddhaland Brooklyn by Richard C. Morais (which I need to read for April book club meeting.)

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