Monday, March 18, 2019

El Calafate Day 1. part one

One of the best days of our trip so far. An okay breakfast followed by being picked up at 9am by a driver and guide. We were to have a private tour, unlike the hordes of other tourists sandwiched in big vans and buses. We first drove to a private ranch where we witnessed a sheep shearing. Very interesting. The ranch was once a huge sheep spread, but now only maintain enough sheep to do a brisk tourist trade.

We were then treated to a lunch of grilled lamb (killed on the ranch) and a whole bottle of lovely Malbec wine. A fantastic meal, and the lamb was some of the best tasting meat I’ve ever had. Of course, true to form, I got drunk on the wine and paid for it that night—sleepless with much tossing and turning. 

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