Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Fabulous Foods of Chile

One of the best reasons to travel to Chile is the wonderful food options. Many people told us the food in Peru was superior, we found the Chilean food exceptional. Chileans generally like their food salty, often salting their food before even tasting it. As you can imagine, Chile has incredible seafood, and we loved it all. 
There’s no Chilean sea bass here but plenty of great fish options. This is my favorite. Conger eel.

More conger eel and Merluza (Hake).

 I love pulpo (octopus).

Fresh abalone.

And more pulpo.

Mussels in Chardonnay and honey sauce. 

 Merluza and seafood. 

Huge empanadas.

Tuna ceviche. Almost like poke.

King crab with caviar.

The local favorite in Patagonia, lamb shank.

Mango sponge.

More ceviche. 

Rare hare with black truffle risotto.

Calafate sour. Made with pisco and Calafate berries.

Guanaco carpaccio.

Coffee and dessert. Restaurants in Chile will present you a bill with an optional 10% tip which you’ll be asked if you want to pay it. Don’t know what happens if you decline since we’ve never said no.

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