Tuesday, April 16, 2019

5 Big Stars for DADDY'S MONEY by Alan Chin

Tuesdays are the days on this blog where I showcase my work. Today, I’d like to share a review of my novel, Daddy’s Money. The reviewer, Bob Lind, writes for Echo Magazine, and is an aficionado of lgbtq literature. 

5 Big Stars for DADDY'S MONEY by Alan Chin

Sayen Homet is a young Muslim man, working his way through Stanford Medical School as best he can. His mother already sacrificed considerably to get him to America, and could not help him pay for school, so Sayen found another way: hooking up with an older man, his secret Sugar Daddy. 

When Sayen meets Campbell Reardon, another med student with whom he feels an instant - and lustful - connection. Campbell is also rich, and is more than willing to support Sayen financially, so he ends his arrangement with the older man. As the young couple continues to date, Sayen is brought to meet Campbell's parents, and learns that his former "Sugar Daddy" is Campbell's father! 

One would think the story ends there, but that's really just the start of the action, as various emotions, prejudices and grudges surface on the part of the young couple, Campbell's father (who is still in love with Sayen himself), Campbell's mother (who doesn't sit well with the news of her husband's affair), and sister Halle (who is pregnant with her Muslim boyfriend's baby.) It's a roller coaster ride, well-written and engaging in the hands of one of my favorite authors. Don't miss it! Five stars out of five.

- Bob Lind, Echo Magazine

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