Saturday, April 6, 2019

Chiloe Island, Chile

We visited the island of Chiloe, Chile. The island was very charming. Our main goal, however, was to see the penguin colonies.

The ferry crossing to ChiloƩ.

Packed ferry.

There are hundreds of these small churches around the island. All of them have metal walls.

Inside these churches are pretty stark.

Typical shingled building in the area.

Our hunky guide Daniel. He turned out to be a knowledgeable guide, but he was a terrible driver.  

We had to a boat out to visit the penguin colonies.

 Without a pier, the locals have developed a unique way of getting the tourist into the boats.

Luckily, we didn’t take this particular boat.

One of a dozen penguin colonies. Penguins come back to the same nests every year.

The water is very blue here. The landscape reminded me of northern California. 

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