Tuesday, December 31, 2019

12/31/19: Endings and Beginnings

The last day of and exciting and sometimes exhausting 2019. Herman and I made three big trips this year, including a blowout trip to South America—Peru, Chile, Patagonia, and Argentina; we walked another 800 kilometers across northern Spain; and topped it off with a magnificent trek through central Bhutan and central India. Travel-wise, it was one of our most memorable years. And all that travel overshot our yearly budget by 100%. Ouch. 

Our one disappointment this year was the death of Herman’s father, Lincoln Chin, in November. He passed while we were traveling and we couldn’t make it back for the service. Fortunately, we knew it was coming so Herman made time with dad and said his goodbyes before we left for Thailand. Still, it became a punch in the gut when we received word. 

In reviewing my 2019 resolutions and stated goals, I found I failed miserably to achieve any but a few. I made progress on all of them, but came up short. The two goals I achieved was walking the Camino across Spain and refocusing my writing from fiction to writing in my journal. So, I’m now feeling like a failure, but am resolved to make each one happen this year. I will turn this failure into success. 

Tonight, we are hosting our annual surf and turf dinner party with Ben Wong, Jim and Rob, and Donny and Mark. Looking forward to catching up will all of them and ringing in the New Year with old friends. 

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