Monday, January 13, 2020

1/13/20: Cooking Day

Spent this morning cooking my Minestrone soup and my Junkyard Dog chili for a dinner party that Herman has arranged for this evening. I enjoyed making the soup and chili, and they are really good, based on how good they were last week at a similar dinner party. But an issue arose in the kitchen. Herman is incapable of getting the hell out of my way and letting me do it myself. He tried to take charge, as if I’m his employee. This, needless to say, didn’t sit well with me. I wanted to do it myself, and I wanted him out of my way. He, of course, got offended whenever I told him, “I’ll do that!” and I would take over. 

It’s a matter of conflicting goals. My goal is to prepare the soups/chilies myself, and eventually become an excellent chef as regards to soups and simmered foods. Herman’s goal is for us to do it as a joint project, with him in charge. Part of me feels I’m being selfish, but I feel that’s okay. I don’t walk into his kitchen and start altering his dishes when he’s cooking. I let him cook his dishes the way he sees fit. I only asked the same in return. If that makes me selfish then I’ll be selfish. 

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