Friday, November 1, 2019

Halloween Is Over

I’m not a fan of Halloween. Getting dressed up in costumes has never been my thing, although I often have found it fun and interesting to see other people get creative in coming up with new ideas for costumes. But during this time of year all the movie channels play horror movies, which I’ve never been a fan of. I’m always glad when Halloween is over and we all move on. 

I did see something new this year. While taking Trek out for his evening walk at about 5pm, we passed the elementary school, and in the parking lot were a dozen or more cars parked in two rows with their trunks open. Twenty costume-clad kids were going car to car, where parents gave them candy. I found it sad that parents are so protective these days that kids are not allowed to go door to door in their own neighborhoods, that they feel they must stage a pathetic little parking lot affair for their kids where there are as many adults supervising as there are kids participating. I remember the excitement of running door to door, unsupervised, with my friends, being wild and free, and sometimes getting in a bit of trouble on this one night of the year. Then coming home with heaping bags of candy to count our booty. Sadly, I suppose those days are gone. 

Insight of the Day: People are growing more and more afraid, hence more protective. But that will lead to a generation growing up who never take chances, never run wild.