Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A little blatant self promotion

Hey guys,

I haven't had a lot of good news to share lately, but something came my way this week. For the last 3 or 4 years, QBliss magazine and QBliss.net online magazine have awarded people in the lgbt community with Changing community Awards. There are a number of categories such as Pride Leadership and Pride Visibility. This year I was awarded the Pride In Literature Award, both for my novel, Island Song, and for my Examiner.com LGBT Literature column.

It's not a prestigious award like Lambda, but it is a small validation of my work. Nice to know someone out there is paying attention to what I do.

If you're interested in seeing all the award recipients, you can read about them at: http://www.qbliss.net/awards



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KK Brees said...

Take all the positive feedback you can get and revel in it! Kudos, Alan!

Unknown said...

Giovanni's Room was one of the best books I ever read. It's so old, I know it's dated, but the theme of social alienation really touched a cord with me.

I also liked The World of Normal Boys, set in the 70's.

As a sci-fi fan, I liked David Gerrold's War of the Chtorr series. (Gerrold wrote the legendary Star Trek episode about the Tribbles). In this one, the lead hero is bisexual. Rather than actually fighting aliens, they begin to terraform earth from a distance and the novel is about humanity trying to survive the transformation of earth into an alien landscape.