Monday, November 15, 2010

RIP Rainbow-reviews

Over the past several years, J.M. Snyder has organized and run one of the premier LGBT book review sites on the net, Rainbow-reviews. J.M. has worked tirelessly to make her Rainbow-reviews a quality site, by bringing together a group of talented reviewers and riding herd over them.

But in this old world, everything must eventually change. Last summer, J.M. created a new LGBT publishing company – JMS Books. And because she drives herself to guarantee that same level of quality in everything she does, her publishing business has taken off, and hence, eaten more and more of her limited time. Between writing fiction, managing her publishing company, riding herd on Rainbow-reviews, and working a full-time job, J.M. has recently had to make a hard decision, to give up one thing to ensure that the others keep growing. A day ago, J.M. announced that at the end of this year, Rainbow-reviews will post its last review. She will shut down the site some time next year.

The death of Rainbow-reviews will have a huge impact for LGBT readers and writers. It’s a shame, but to tell you the truth, giving up a review site in order to allow a GLBT publishing house to grow and prosper, sounds like a pretty good trade off to me.

I’m writing this post today in order to say thank you, J.M., for all the years of effort and heart that you have given the LGBT writing and reading community. What you managed to create was huge, and will be dearly missed.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate J.M. on the success of JMS Books, and wish her continued success in the future. May all your endeavors, J.M., surpass your dreams.

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