Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coming Home by Alan Barker - a love poem to a soldier

The following is a poem that fellow writer, Alan Barker, wrote to his close friend who was serving in the Middle East. Enjoy.


29 days,
I know what you need.
Life's in a haze,
I know what you need.
Strike of the days
And letter by letter
You'll begin to feel better.

19 days,
Comfort and friendship
I know what you need.
Hours into days slip,
I know what you need.
Soon the coin will flip,
When you've read my letter
You'll feel even better.

9 days,
True love never dies,
You know what you need.
Look forward to the highs,
You know what you need.
When laughter replaces sighs
Just the two of us together
A little older and much wiser.

Home,you're home,
See,those days have flown,
Now you see what I mean,
You'll never be alone
You know what I mean.
Our love has grown,
Separate and together
A soulmate and his soldier.

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