Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I’m Reading

While on the road I’ve managed to find some time to read a few special books that I thought I’d share. If you’ve been following the this blog, you know I’ve read and reviewed two fine books recently: Tricks by Rick Reed and Baby Doll by Mykola Dementiuk. You can read the reviews below.

I’ve also recently finished a mystery called YU by Joy Shayne Laughter. You gotta love this authors name, but take it from me, her book is one of the most delightful reads I’ve had in years. Witty, intelligent, emotional – I loved it, and plan to read it again soon. Part of the story is contemporary, and part is a love story told in flashbacks to ancient China. It is not a gay story, although the protagonist is a very sweet, gay guy. I’ll post a review in the next few days.

I’m currently reading Victor Banis’s Dead Of Night. I’m not a fan of horror or ghost stories, but I must say this story has me hooked. I save it to read after I’ve crawled into bed, and only read twenty to thirty pages per night to stretch it out. I’m enjoying every page. Victor’s superb prose really brings this story to life.

I’ve just started First Person Plural by Andrew W.M. Beierle. It’s a bit early to tell how good it is, but I must say the author has hooked me with a fantastic premise: conjoined twins, two bothers sharing the same body – one body, two heads, opposite personalities for each brother. It’s a very unique angle on relationships.

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