Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Trio of mini-stories from Alan Barker

Alan Barker was kind enough to send me more two-sentence stories, and I'm very pleased to share them. Enjoy!

Woe be Tide

"Jay, no full moon to-night," moaned Will finally removing his boxers in the semi-darkness and falling headlong over his partner in their scramble to get to the top of the dunes, " and now sand is hiding in places I wouldn't want you to find."

"Well you said skinny dipping would be good for our souls,replied Jay now shivering in the ankle deep water of a low tide, "and you're quite right, it will do wonders for our souls, the soles of our feet!"

"Well Jay, relaxing in this large Victorian bath, with you at the other end, flickering nightlights drifting towards me and Andrea Bocelli serenading us is totally awesome," chuckled Will his partner as he sent his plastic ducks the other way.

"Well Will, it would be awesome, if we weren't on display in the front window of Stefano's restaurant for at least another three hours, with his warm minestrone soup washing around our chests," added Jay, "but at least our effort will have raised a lot for his local charity.

and finally:

Bedtime Story
Jay impatiently walked over to the king-sized bed where Will, his partner had dozed off once again and gently shaking his snoring mate whispered in his ear, "Come on Sleeping Beauty, it's mid-afternoon, you've got to get up and it's no good stretching and yawning because you're so comfortable you don't want to move."

Rolling slowly to the edge of the mattress and sleepily putting on his trainers, Will replied,"Sorry mate, I was dreaming of something really romantic, but you know what I'm like whenever we visit furniture showrooms."

Hope you enjoyed this trio.

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