Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Will & Jay stories continue

Thanks to another email from Alan Barker, I am pleased to offer another set of Will & Jay two-sentence stories. Enjoy!

The Ice Melts

The following night Will once again sat opposite Jay, who in the stillness of the rooftop terrace above Stefano's restaurant, forgot the number of sugar cubes which were filling his caffe latte as he remembered the many happy memories from the past.

Will carefully took out a special gift from out of his shoulder bag, slowly drank the last of his espresso and moving hesitantly towards his partner was overjoyed by Jay's reaction; a beaming smile as he unwrapped Will's please-forgive-me luxury box of cappuccino flavoured Italian chocolates and a black mask.

All steamed up!

"Well Will, can I take this mask off now to see this hot hunk called Daniel you said last night I would get all steamed up about," asked Jay his partner, " and where is this Giovanni who is even better looking?"

"I know you like surprises," said a delighted Will as he received a big hug from Jay, " so I've organised a cab ride in 'Daniel', a vintage engine, that hot hunk of steaming metal over there, followed by dinner in 'Giovanni' that very handsome Italian built Pullman Car and I really am sorry about last week mate.

That sinking feeling

"Oh Jay, please steer your lifeboat over here," shouted a terrified Will to his cabin mate ash could feel himself sinking slowly up to his chin in water, " and I'll do my best to grab on to your hands."

"Oh Will," called the calming voice of Jay as he pulled him over the side and wrapped him in a warm blanket, "I've warned you before about staying up until the early hours to watch 'Titanic' and then falling asleep in the bath!"

Thank you, Alan.

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