Monday, March 28, 2011

More Will and Jay stories from Alan Barker

Hi everyone, Alan Barker has sent me three more Will and Jay stories. Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.


"Hello Carlo, I've heard you've been some great getting ideas from your cousins who work on the canals in Venice," commented a slightly jealous Jay, "I bet you looked awesome in your straw hat and striped T-shirt sailing your gondola under the Bridge of Sighs in that warm Italian sunshine."

"Sorry my friend, it was only a holiday and I'd look a bit odd wearing that on my boat," apologised Carlo, "seeing my 'gondola' is a working barge on the Panama Canal!"

Bar Med

"Phew, on a hot day like this Will I'm glad I text you earlier to say cool off l'eau naturale and we'd laze around at your Mama Mia-type beach bar in our seaside garden," sweltered Jay," so where are the bottles and why have you got all your kit off?"

"They're still in the kitchen Jay, but I'm sorry," laughed Will, "I misread your text and thought we were going to cool off 'au naturel' so I got plenty of your favourite sunscreen ready!"

and finally

Eating In

As Will's senses tried to identify the fragrances of fresh herbs drifting towards him from the flat, Jay his partner greeted him with, "For some-one whose heart is still in Italia after that awesome holiday, the menu tonight is bruschetta, fritto mista, tiramisu, your favourite wine from Frascati...let me fill your glass and a little grappa to finish with."

Over the clinking of glasses Will chuckled, "Cheers Jay, a Roma therapy is exactly what I need just now, sorry for the pun mate."

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