Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Will & Jay shorts by Alan Barker

I have posted anything from my friend Alan Barker in quite some time. He's been rather busy. Yesterday, however, I received three more Will and Jay short/short stories. So, for your amusement, here are three more Will & Jay shorts. Chill and enjoy for a moment or three.

Easy Rider

"Gives me a real buzz racing on this new Grand Prix circuit," boasted Will to his partner Jay anxiously waiting at the finishing line, "and I didn't leave the track once."

"Well done you, considering last week you left the final bend at top speed, collided with the table leg, disappeared under the plasma screen and only stopped after you scattered by entire CD collection," teased Jay, "and mate that is no way to treat my Scalextric racers."

A Tall Story

"It's so cool Will, at this height you can see a bride and groom being photographed on the church steps, crowds of passengers waiting for the steam drawn special just entering the station and even Police diverting the traffic from a serious accident on that roundabout," said Jay excitedly pointing in all directions.

"Careful where you walk Jay the Giant," teased Will, " you always start acting your trainer size whenever we visit this model village."

and finally...


"The enemy man o'war is approaching on the starboard side, so men prepare to fire on the count of 3, 1...2...3...Fire!" commanded Captain Jay as he felt his whole body shudder from the intensity of the close action.

"Wake up Captain Dreamboat," shouted Will to his partner having been pushed out of bed, "I don't know which part of my body you grabbed hold off to repel the enemy, but if it happens again shipmate, you'll not only get a right broadside from me, I'll order bunk beds!"

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