Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Will and Jay stories from Alan Barker

Three more W & J short stories from my good friend, Alan Barker. Hope you enjoy.


“I know Rae told us we had to wear something that showed a little of our personality to his swim disco,” said Will to his partner Jay, “but I have never seen James Bond only wearing black shorts, a bow tie and whatever it is you have hidden in your holster?”

“Well Will,” teased Jay, “wearing a mankini I guess does reveal a little about your personality, but when you come out of the pool, it might reveal that little extra you keep for ‘my eyes only’.


“Yay, that outfit is really cool,” said Jay to his partner Will, “fur hat, sheepskin body warmer and my old ripped cords make you look every inch Robinson Crusoe for our photo-shoot session at the studio.”

“Thanks mate,” replied Will, “but if ‘clothes maketh man’ does wearing shades, a floral shirt, a grass skirt and flip flops maketh Man Friday?”


“Will, you said we would just lay back in the sun and watch all the ‘hotties’ on the beach as we cruised along the coastline,” gasped Jay to his partner as their powerful leg muscles thrust their duck shaped craft forward in the hot sun.

“I’m so sorry Jay,” said Will, “Jac promised us a day out on his cabin cruiser, but it developed engine trouble so all I could do at short notice was hire this paddleboat from the pleasure beach.”

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