Friday, December 9, 2011

Will and Jay Christmas stories

My friend from across the Atlantic, Alan Barker, has been busy writing more Will and Jay mini-stories. Here are the wonderful two getting to grips with Christmas. Enjoy.

Jingle Bash

"I'm really looking forward to Rae's Jungle Bash,Will," called an excited Jay struggling to put on his Scrooge's costume, "but why are you all dressed up in wrapping paper, couldn't you find any Dickens character left in the agency?"

"No Will, Rae's party caused a rush on them again," complained Will, "so I've improvised, can't you guess what I'm Christmas Present!"

Christmas Greetings

"I hate climbing that ladder, the lights are hurting my eyes and now I've found pine needles where pine needles shouldn't be," moaned Jay to his partner Will, "alright, we needed the money, but at this height I think I should be paid danger money or be given a parachute!"

"Ho, ho, ho, Jay, down here in the Grotto being Father Christmas is awesome," chuckled Will, "but I think a wobbling Fairy wearing shades and scratching her backside with her wand on top of the Christmas tree is very uncool mate."

All about Eve

"That was brilliant of you last night Willo, waking me up with that welcome Christmas kiss under the mistletoe and sharing the wine and mince pies we aways leave for Santa," said Jay to his partner, "and then leaving all those presents under our tree, I was so sleepy I hardly recognised you in that costume."

"Wasn't me Jay," laughed Will, "I left Stefano's restaurant a long time after you, crept into the flat, well after midnight and crashed out on the sofa, so just who was this visitor matey?"

More of Will & Jay in 2012.

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