Saturday, February 11, 2012

Short Story Review: The Girls by Victor J. Banis

Reviewer: Alan Chin
Publisher: Sniplits Publishing
Pages: 10

This true story chronicles the nearly fifteen-year love affair between the author and his two dogs, a self-assured spaniel named Jenny and a German Shepherd mix with Jackrabbit ears named Prima. The author adopted them as puppies, and the love affair began, not so much between the dogs and Mr. Banis, but between the two dogs. Yes, this is not your average pet story. It is a tale about the love between these two wonderful animals told by a man who was sensitive enough to understand what they meant to each other.

I ardently believe that until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened. It is clear to me that these two dogs not only awakened the authors soul, they did the same for me while reading about their delightful relationship.

This story will warm your heart, make you laugh out loud, and also make you reach for the tissue. It is a beautiful, poignant story told in superlative prose that does not resort to sentimentality. I truly loved every paragraph, every word.

I have long been a fan of Victor Banis, and have read several of his novels and short stories. I believe that this little gem of a story ranks among his best works, both for quality of writing and for emotional impact. Highly recommended to all readers.

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