Thursday, February 9, 2012

The final Will and Jay mini-stories

Over the past year I have posted a number of Will & Jay mini-stories from my good friend, Alan Barker. A few days ago Alan sent me his final set of W&J stories, which I've posted below. I've enjoyed Alan's creativity and humor in these fun tales, but am happy that Alan is moving on to more challenging stories.

So here for the last time, are three W&J shorts:

A Wind Up

"So you had this very strange dream where we were clocks," said Will to his partner Jay as he was woken up by his alarm, "and was I a travelling clock, a digital, a wall clock or something very special like an old carriage clock or even bigger, a grandfather clock?"

"Not quite Will, I was the type of wrist watch where you have to keep jerking your arm up and down to keep it wound up," replied Jay demonstrating the technique, "but you were something really awesome mate...London's Big Ben!"

Message in a Bottle

"Hey, Jay you know Scottie in the flat opposite has been leaving a message on his doorstep for his dream boyfriend Marc every day before he drives to work and although the note is always taken, no message is ever returned..."

"Well, Will, when he arrived home yesterday, there was a small card attacched to a single red rose placed in that vintage milk bottle he keeps by his front door...awesome...he's just text me that at this very moment he's on his first date at Stefano's, with Marc, his very special milk delivery guy.


"Paolo, do you know where Jay is," asked an anxious Will as he sat in Stefano's restaurant spooning up the froth from his latte, "he promised he would give me a ring, but all I get is his voicemail?"

"Sorry I'm late," whispered Jay, nervously getting something out of his shoulder bag and kneeling beside Will as Paolo played a romantic track over the speaker system, "in this small box is what I promised, and I hope with all my heart your answer is, 'Yes'."

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