Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Birthdays are not something I get up for, mine or anybody else’s. For me it’s generally a day I want to let slip by unnoticed by everyone. Today, however, that simply did not happen. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I’ve been inundated with well-wishers sending me supportive posts. It was nice to get all that attention, I must admit. And it was great to hear from friends I’ve not contacted for several months.

My husband, Herman, and I seldom give presents on our birthdays. We prefer to have a low-key dinner at a romantic restaurant, and let it go with that. But this year, I’ve arrange to give myself two significant presents:

First, I sent a manuscript to my publisher this morning. It was a story I’ve been working on—on and off—for the last two years. It’s a gay Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner story with a 21st Century twist about alternative families. I feel it is one of my best stories and I’m very proud of it. But my present to myself is closure. At least for this story, I am done with it. It’s time to move on. It was the best present I could think of, exactly what I wanted, and I’ve worked hard to have it come about on my Bday. It has opened up vast new horizons to work on new stories. I’m delighted.

The second gift is a needed vacation from writing. Although I already have my next story in mind, and also have a high-level outline on paper, I will wait a week or two before starting the actual writing. This will be the first time in a decade that I will not be writing/editing/proofreading one or more stories. I plan to make it a true vacation, with lots of time to catch up on reading, blogging, touching base with friends, and paying more attention to Herman.

So as I start my fifty-ninth year on this planet, I can say I’m satisfied with my life, my husband, and my writing. And over the next few weeks, I’m going to kick back and enjoy them all to the max. Who knows, perhaps I’ll make this a yearly tradition from now on….


Cherie Noel said...

So glad you've chosen to give yourself such lovely gifts. Enjoy.

Cherie Noel

by Sarah Lee said...

I'm looking forward to hearing more about the submitted manuscript. :) I hope your birthday was wonderful and that your fifty-ninth year will be even better than the previous fifty-eight. :)