Friday, April 13, 2012

A Time Suck

A few weeks ago I finished a novel I had been working on—on and off—for two years. I felt it was some of my best work, and I also felt I was entitled to a little time off before starting my next manuscript project. So I planned a little two-week vacation from writing.

I planned to use that freed-up time to catch up on my reading, catch up on cleaning my desktop, and spend some quality time with my husband, Herman.

Problem is, that little task of cleaning my desktop mushroomed into the biggest time suck imaginable. Yes, I cleaned out my email inbox, but then another wave came in. Yes, I managed to clean my desk, but more papers stacked up. Yes, I managed to catch up on posting blogs entries, but there are new ones to post. You get the idea?

Sorry if I’m whining, but I’ve come to realize that promotion—promoting books and myself—is a full time job that will suck up as much time as I’m willing to give it. There is always more to do, much more.

I’ve feeling like I need to start working on a manuscript again, just so I’m doing something I like while sitting at my desk during these long hours. That, thankfully, will start on Monday.

I did manage to spend some quality time with Herman and some of our friends. We’ve dined out often, hiked the high desert, and read together by the pool. So all was not lost.

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