Saturday, October 11, 2014

House Guests

There are few things that make me grateful for my quiet, orderly, structured life chocked full of my beloved habits more than having house guests. Today is day five with Malcolm, Pic, and Ben. So far this week I’ve not worked on my WIP, only made a few entries in this journal and posted a few quick blogs articles, and we’ve eaten out at so many meals I constantly feel stuffed (because restaurants serve such big portions) and I know I’ve gained five pounds in one week. I’ve spent most of my time driving them around to events and restaurants, and then participating in those events and meals. At first I thought it might be a well-deserved break from writing and a chance to recharge with friends. Now I’ve grown to think of it as a nuisance, and I’m anxious for them to leave me in peace, which should be tomorrow morning.

I do enjoy spending time with these three. But as the old saying goes, house guests and fish begin to smell after three days. The same thing happened in Thailand earlier this year when all five of us stayed and Malcolm and Pic’s house in Chiang Mai for ten days. At the end of that say, I was crawling the walls to get away.

It’s not that these friends are annoying; they’re not. In fact, they’re quite charming. The issue is that I’m addicted to my routines and habits, especially my love of spending most of my time alone. Unlike my husband, Herman, I’m simply not a social creature.

On the positive side, the five of us did do two outings this week that I’ve wanted to do for years: visit the Palm Springs Air Museum (a truly world-class collection of vintage planes), and visit The Living Desert (interesting cactus gardens and zoo). Yes, our guests pulled me out of my rut and I had a wonderful time at both events.

It’s amazing how we humans cling to our little comforts, and how we resist change, even when that change brings pleasure.

Still, I can’t wait to get back to my sunrise hikes, writing, reading by the pool, swimming workouts, and meditation. Okay, one more day. I can do this.

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