Monday, November 3, 2014

Palm Springs Parade of Planes

It was a busy and exciting weekend in Palm Springs. Herman and I were on the go. It started on Friday with the Parade of Planes. This event happens every other year, so this is only the second time we’ve participated. It is an aviation convention, and to kick it off, planes fly into PS airport from all over the country, and taxi through the streets of Palm Springs and park around the convention center.

Two years ago, over eighty planes taxied along the streets, and huge crowds lined the curbs to get pictures and enjoy. The planes ranged from ultralight single-seaters, to WWII fighters and bombers, to Lear jets.

This year was a bit disappointing. At 10 am were had picked out a shady spot with the sun at our backs and cameras ready. We heard the roar of the engines as the planes neared the intersection and turned onto the street where we waited. It was thrilling, but a bit short-lived. There were only twenty-two planes that participated this year. Each one was marvelous in its own way, yet we were expecting so much more. We couldn’t help but feel let down.

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