Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Resolutions:

1. My main focus for change will be to become less confrontational with people who offend me. My goal is to be more compassionate, to let others be whatever they are without my trying to change, punish, or belittle them. My mantra is now: Let It Be, Let It Be.

2. Less talking about myself, less gossiping about others, more supportive words for others.

3. No Internet socializing until the day’s writing is done.

4. More time spent with husband, friends, family.

5. Less judging others, more accepting of differences.

6. Less political posts, more human interest posts.

7. Less alcohol, more green tea.

8. Less meat, less bread and pasta, more fruits and vegetables.

9. Less driving, more walking.

I think dealing in terms of ‘less’ or ‘more’ is more realistic that ‘no this’ or ‘no that’

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