Saturday, January 3, 2015

Petty Ignorance Over Marriage Equality, And The Perfect Answer

I’ve been reading on the web this last week that Courthouse Clerks in some Florida districts are choosing to not perform any weddings at all, so that they won’t have to perform any same-sex marriages. I find this behavior very sad indeed.

To me, this goes beyond sour grapes. This smacks of the bigots in the South who, rather than let black kids in the same public swimming pool as white kids, filled in the pools with dirt so nobody could swim. The same bigots who closed down schools rather than allow black kids in the same classroom as their little white darlings.

This behavior is not brought on by religious doctrine; it is hate in its purest form. Hate growing from the seed of fear. Although why these people fear gay and lesbians who love each other is beyond my understanding.

Yes, I know these people wave their Bibles and quote scriptures, just like my parents in the ’60 used their Bible to justify their loathing of black people. They were very fond of saying that Cain was marked with black skin before God chased him from the Garden of Eden. And that, amazingly, somehow justified in their minds keeping African Americans in slavery.

But in all this quagmire of ignorance, I also read something very uplifting by John Romano that I would like to share:

"All the forms and documents that will no longer mock them. The benefits and laws that have been denied to them. The simple courtesies and respects long withheld from them. These are the tangible benefits of marriage that are about to change for gay couples, but those are mere details compared to the rest of the story. For it can be argued that approving same-sex marriage in the eyes of City Hall is a game-changing step toward removing the stigma of a person's sexuality." - John Romano.
And that, dear readers, is, in a perfect little nutshell, why I post so often about marriage equality.

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