Monday, September 26, 2016

Hiked The Tram Road

This morning, Herman and I hiked up the road that leads from Palm Canyon Road to the Palm Springs tram station. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for months, but during the summer it was simply too hot, even at sunrise.

We began this 9 ½ mile hike just before sunrise, leaving Palm Springs behind on a stead 4 ¼ mile, two thousand foot elevation, climb. That is the equivalent of climbing 76 flights of stairs. To enhance the effort, I carried 9-lbs of water in a backpack. But we didn’t just leave Palm Springs behind, we also left all the noise behind. It was silent and gloriously beautiful as the sunrise colored the mountain a genital pink-orange. 

There were a dozen or more other hikers, and we spotted 4 Big Horn sheep. The round trip took 2 ½ hours. One of the most enjoyable hikes I’ve taken in years. We have vowed to make this hike once per week from now on.

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