Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thai Cooking Class at My House

Last Saturday we had a treat at my house. For the first time, we held a Thai cooking class, with Thai chef Kayla. It started at started at 4pm with Kayla and three sous chefs. At 8pm nine of us—one Thai woman and eight gay men—sat down to a fantastic Thai dinner. We all enjoyed great food, great conversation, and lots of wine/cocktails. The main course included fried stuffed chicken wings, Larb, Panang Curry with chicken, Pad Thai, mushroom and coconut soup, and red and jasmine rice. It was truly a feast fit for the royal family of Thailand. I did not take part in the cooking, but I was up until midnight washing dishes because our dishwasher is on the blink, and it was so worth it. Kayla, you are welcome back in my kitchen any time, along with sous chefs Herman, Kevin, and Todd.

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