Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day Seven On The Camino - The Pilgrims We Meet

After two 20+ mile days, we're tapering off to a more pleasurable 14 to 16 MPD pace for the next few days.
As you can imagine, we've encountered people from many different countries as most of us make our way to Santiago.
We've run into people from Korea, The Netherlands, Japan, Argentina, Korea, England, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Canada, South Africa, Iceland, New Zealand, and Korea, to name a few.
Plenty of people from the U.S. here as well.

 We've been on a parallel with this lovely woman from Brazil and her husband.

 This Danish kid was talking about eating chicken feet before we struck up a conversation.

 On a windy day with this woman from Japan.

 He's from Scotland and he couldn't stop talking about Scottish communities in the U.S.

 taliano, offering water to anyone.

 Peyton from Texas, taking a long weekend off from teaching English to grade school kids in Madrid to walk a short section of the Camino.

 Hernan, a pharmacist from Spain taking ten days off to enjoy part of the Camino.

 We've seen this sweet girl walking almost every day. She'll tell you she's from South Korea.

 Yes, there are even Australians on the Camino.

John from Florida. We found him walking in circles asking for directions.

 This guy from England is already tired of staying in Albergues.

 Amy from Bodega trying to stay dry.

Hermann from Germany who is always smiling.

Hermann and me on a windy peak.

It's been fun interacting with other people on the Camino. Many start out on a solo journey and share part of their stages with people they meet along the way.

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