Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day Eight On The Camino - Pilgrim's Food

Pilgrims must suffer, at least some of the time.
It's been a bit of a challenge getting meals on the Camino. Not necessarily in the larger towns and cities where choices are plentiful but the Camino passes through a lot of smaller towns where pilgrim options aren't always great.
In smaller towns most of the locals eat at home and "pilgrim menus" may be the only options available to people passing through. Some of it is not too bad.

 Salad with goat cheese.

 More salad with asparagus.

 Braised beef with wine.

A quick lunch break with lentil soup an tortilla.

 Baby squids cooked in it's own ink.

 There's always a choice of wine or water with the pilgrim's meal. Not a difficult choice.

 Pigs feet with chorizo.

 There's always flan.

 Alubias con chorizo.

 There's even a pilgrim's pastry.

 Garlic soup. Very good. 

 Duck confit with applesauce.

 The Rioja cake all liquored up.

 A quick breakfast of toast with Serrano ham.

 Noodle soup with mussels.

More alubias con chorizo. A popular starter with us.

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