Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day Twelve on the Comino - Signs along the Path

It's not all graffiti.
There are markers at most intersections, and of course yellow arrows sprayed everywhere to mark the way. Still, it's not difficult to stray off course if you're not paying attention.

 Heading into Atapuerca where a human jawbone dating back to 900,000 BC was found (the oldest known human remains in Europe).

 An arrow or shell marks the way.

 I keep wondering who brings a "Keep Tahoe Blue" sticker to Spain and walks 150 miles to post it in the middle of a forest?
 There's a wine fountain. There's always a choice of a bottle of wine or a bottle of water with each meal.

 Street Art. They also spray this orange foam insulation on the exterior of some buildings.

 Distance markers.

 Non-potable water fountain.

 This shoe has had it. We saw many abandoned shoes.

A common greeting as pilgrims pass one another.

Not everyone finishes the Camino.

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