Monday, July 31, 2017

Walking the Camino, Day 27: Our Last Mountain Day

Our last mountain day started with a strenuous climb five miles straight up.
A beautiful morning for hiking before the temperature shot up into the 90s.
Staying in a three block town tonight where the cows outnumber the human residents, although there are a few hundred pilgrims staying the night.

Up, up, up, to 4500 feet.

Finally entering Galicia, where we're expecting more varied food.

 The octopus house.

At the summit. 

Galicia, from the summit.

We're staying at this huge albergue in Fronfria, although not in the "bunk rooms". This particular room has a dozen double bunks for couples with a twin on top. We are not staying in these rooms.

Our room has a private bathroom, plus we get a nice view.

The dining building where we had dinner with 150 other people.

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